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Brand Identity

Who am I and what do I want to convey? Here, I showcase my marketing material and justify my design decisions.

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2. Design Language - Checklist icon.png

Design Language

What are my principles and goals? How do they affect my designs?

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3. Voice & Tone - Speech box icon.png

Voice & Tone

What defines my personality and how do I convey it throughout my portfolio?

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4. Writing - Grammar icon.png


What specific guidelines should I follow when writing my content? 

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5. UI Patterns - pen tool icon.png

UI Patterns

What UI elements make up my portfolio and how do I keep them consistent? Based on Atomic Design.

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6. Code - Code icon.png


What guidelines should developers follow? This section is normally important, but it's not applicable to my portfolio.

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Born in Cali. Colombia.
Raised in Canton, Ga.

I was born in the city of Cali on January 12th, 1998. My birth mother is a native American in the Páez tribe. I am her third son and she was unable to support the three of us. Against the orders of the tribal leaders, she placed me in an orphanage and I was adopted by an American family. I wouldn't know my birth family for fifteen years. 

I was raised in a loving home with American culture, but my adopted family has always recognized my Colombian heritage. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about my birth family and had no way to contact them. That all changed when my mom found my birth mother online.

I first spoke to my birth mother when I was sixteen. It was wonderful to hear her unconditional love and gratitude for my life here. My family and I were able to visit my birth family soon after we got in contact. The experience of meeting them and being in my birth country was incredible. I've had the privilege of visiting twice and hope to go back after the pandemic. I am forever grateful to my birth mother's sacrifice of putting me up for adoption and letting me have a wonderful life in the US.

My adoption and birth family sculpted my outlook and and instilled a deep since of values.

Cali to GA photo V2.png
Family Photo.png

My Personal Values

We all have personal values, but they're rarely articulated or considered in our decisions. So, I wanted to list out my core values along with a brief explanation. They all influence how I behave with friends, coworkers, employers, and everyone else.‍ The order of this list matters and each value builds on the last.

1. Gratitude

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

  • My most fundamental value that comes from my unique life experiences. Regardless of the situation, I always remember that I'm fortunate to be here and have the experience.

2. Integrity

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; Consistency.

  • I strive to choose what is right over what is selfish, quicker, or easier. Without consistent moral standards, my values are just empty promises. I hope to maintain my integrity throughout my career.

3. Dependability

The quality of being able to be relied on; trustworthiness or constancy. Commitment.

  • Practice what you preach. I want to prove my gratitude for any opportunity, so dependability shows that I value the experience and respect the people involved. 

4. Diligence

Careful, persistent, earnest (sincere) effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind.

  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching. This value is possibly the most relevant in design. I want to carefully evaluate the users' goals and cater my design to best support their needs, behaviors, and capabilities. Diligence also proves my gratitude for the assignment and my commitment to excel. EDIT!

5. Empathy

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Consider how a person's background affects their behavior.

  • Although the word is overused and misunderstood, empathy is still crucial to having a good life. Idk I need to write stuff for this one. It replaced understanding.  EDIT!

A patient portal for estimating medical bills. Designed in accordance with price transparency legislation

SlicedHealth Price Transparency tool

An app to help college students record, organize, and complete their school and life responsibilities

Time Management app prototype

My experience going from a marketing intern to the first UX Designer to now leading a team of three

Establishing UX design at Paya

official paya logo (1).png

An extensive heuristic evaluation for eazyScripts Technology completed in May 2020

Evaluation of e-prescribing software

eazyScripts thumbnail.png

Colors set the tone

I want to maintain a thoughtful, professional tone throughout my brand artifacts. So, I use 2 subtle colors that convey those intended concepts. This color pairing is analogous to appear natural and calming.


A cool, low key color that is serious and professional

Hex Code: 20368F


A brighter color that is peaceful, calm, and friendly

Hex Code: 12A7AA

Next comes the logo

My logo is composed of my initials. It's a minimal, geometric design with consistent measurements throughout. It's intended to convey a modern, professional tone.

Bring it all together

My brand colors and tones are present throughout my personal designs. Below, you can see how I've applied these concepts to my portfolio, resume, and business card.

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