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Code style guide

Design System > Code style guide

"Code style guides provide conventions, patterns, and examples for how teams should approach their code."

- Brad Frost, Atomic Design, page 29

This section is different than the rest because it doesn't apply to my portfolio. I made my site in Wix, which doesn't require any code.

It's essential for teams to write legible, scalable, maintainable code. But without a way to promote and enforce code consistency, it's easy for things to fall apart and leave every developer to fend for themselves. [quote.] These guidelines and guardrails help reign in the madness so that teams can focus on producing great work rather than refactoring a bunch of sloppy, inconsistent code.

What is Atomic Design?

"Atomic design is not a linear process, but rather a mental model to help us think of our user interfaces as both a cohesive whole and a collection of parts at the same time." (Frost, 44)

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