Hi, I'm Ridge.

I'm an Interaction Designer.

I study how and why people interact with technology. Then, I design products that support their needs, behaviors, and capabilities.

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First, a bit about me.

I was born in Cali, Colombia and grew up in Woodstock, Georgia. I am graduating from Kennesaw State University this May with a B.S. in Interactive Design and a minor in Technical Communication. I am currently working as an intern at Paya, a financial technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Want more details? I have lots to share.

More About Me

Recent Work

A web app for finding ideal areas in a new city

This is my capstone project from Spring semester 2021. I worked with four other students using Goal-Directed Design. With out app, users would input their lifestyle preferences and receive a customized map that displays ideal neighborhoods that match their filters.

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A Patient Portal for Estimating Medical Bills

I designed a price comparison portal that is sold by SlicedHealth, an electronic healthcare company. Patients use the interface to get estimates for their upcoming procedures. This information empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health.

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Time Management App Prototype

This project was done in my Interaction Design 1 class. My team used the Goal-Directed Design methodology to go from an app idea to a high-fidelity prototype. I came up with the time management app idea and worked with two classmates to bring the idea to life.

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